Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 30 - Big As A Bass

Ryan is 3 lbs. 5 oz. today! That makes her as big as most of these bass, which is sayin' something. Although I'm not sure what. My boss did tell me that I should take up fishing with everything that we've had going on. Maybe it's just on my mind. Anyway, she's been gaining about an ounce a day for the last several days and is looking great. She's really starting to fill out as you will see.

I snapped this quick video so you can see how her color has changed and she doesn't look quite so scrawny now.


Texas Johnsons said...

Ryan looks so good! She is so alert. It kind of seemed like she was looking around wondering when she would be able to get out of there. I just can't believe how well she is doing. What a fantastic blessing!

Can I make a request?? We LOVE seeing the baby and we would also like to see you guys when you hold her. :)

Julie said...

You can actually tell she's getting bigger! I just love to see her movement and facial expressions as you guys talk to her. What a sweet little girl, just like the other 3.