Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 1 - Evening

Here is a video I took this evening. She was breathing okay when she was born but they had to go ahead and put in a chest tube cause she started having some trouble (not unexpected). They gave her medication to help her lungs expand and she's getting oxygen and blood pressure medication to help keep her regulated. It looks a little scary to see her plugged into 6 different machines but it's helping her get better so we'll take it. Thank goodness for modern medicine!


Julie said...

Very cute and little! You can see that Johnson girl gene even with her face partially covered. Can't wait to meet her when she gets bigger and healthier.

Hang in there! We're sending lots of love and prayers for Ryan and Heather.

Texas Johnsons said...

She is really cute! She seems to be doing remarkable well for how tiny she is. You are all in our prayers!

Love you all.

Michelle said...

Brian, Heather, and RJ just wanted to let you all know that your family in Indiana are all praying for you.