Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 6 - Eyes Wide Open

Okay, not exactly WIDE open, but open. I was talking to her and she kept opening her eyes to look around. I was having fun so the video runs a bit long. She is doing great. They removed her arterial today which is a tube from the umbilical cord that they continue to use for giving her blood if needed. She still has the one in her that they use to feed her vitamins and lipids. Once her bowels start to calm down they'll be able to start giving her food through the tube in her mouth/stomach.

I also got this video of her having a little fit. We made her mad the other day but you couldn't hear anything because of the breathing tube. Well not anymore. I promise I did nothing to instigate it.

I'm cheating a little on the post date and time on this one to keep things organized.

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