Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 3 - Meet your Mommy

Well, today Heather was finally able to get down to the NICU to meet the baby. We dropped the side of the bed down so that she could reach her from her wheel chair and as you will see in the video, the baby wasn't exactly thrilled with us letting out all of her warm air . She'll get over it.

They didn't take the breathing tube out today but they will tomorrow if she does okay overnight. Apparently preemies can get a little too comfortable and forget to breathe so right now the tube is just adding a breath in if she skips one. The technology is amazing. She's mostly breathing on her own though and she's getting no supplemental oxygen, just what you'd get with normal room air. She's also off the dopamine which they had been using to regulate her blood pressure. Once she's breathing okay their attention turns to the heart to make sure that the Ductus Arteriosis closes off. If it doesn't, they will give her medication to try and get it to close. If that doesn't work they have to do surgery to clip it and tie it off . Her doctor said that hers is very small right now so she hopes it will take care of itself. Oh, and sorry Nanna Jones, no red hair under that hat...

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Heather said...

Thank you so much for posting these sweet pictures and video. We have all been thinking of you guys so much and praying for you. I cant' believe Heather just barely met your little girl. Her name is so cute! We hope you are all well. Is it okay to call? Love you guys!